Current Scrap Prices

In addition to scrap cars, aluminum wheels and standard scrap steel, Metro Scrap Metal buys almost all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, aluminum and lead. We also buy catalytic converters and batteries of all sizes.

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Last Modifed: 5/11/2022 9:01:02 AM

Alternators:$0.30 (per pound)
Aluminum Casting:$0.40 (per pound)
Alloy Copper Rads:$1.35 (per pound)
Aluminum Extrusion:$0.80 (per pound)
Aluminum Low Copper:$0.60 (per pound)
Aluminum Siding:$0.55 (per pound)
Aluminum UBC:$0.40 (per pound)
Aluminum Utensil:$0.50 (per pound)
Aluminum (Irony):$0.10 (per pound)
Aluminum Wheels:$0.80 (per pound)
Batteries:$0.17 (per pound)
Batteries Steel Cased$0.15 (per pound)
Bx. Cable:$0.80 (per pound)
Copper Electric Motors:$0.15 (per pound)
Copper Starters:$0.20 (per pound)
Lead:$0.50 (per pound)
Lead Weights:$0.20 (per pound)
No. 1 Copper:$3.30 (per pound)
No. 2 Copper:$2.95 (per pound)
No. 3 Copper:$2.65 (per pound)
No. 1 Insulated Coppper:$0.95 (per pound)
No. 2 Insulated Copper:$0.80 (per pound)
Radiators:$1.60 (per pound)
Red Brass:$2.00 (per pound)
Stainless Steel:$0.55 (per pound)
Stainless (Irony):$0.10 (per pound)
Yellow Brass:$1.80 (per pound)
Appliances:$120.00 (per metric ton)
Auto Bodies:$120.00 (per metric ton)
Auto Cast (Rotors):$210.00 (per metric ton)
Black Cast Iron:$210.00 (per metric ton)
Motors:$120.00 (per metric ton)
No. 1 Steel:$160.00 (per metric ton)
No. 1 Steel Os:$120.00 (per metric ton)
P/S 4 FT:$185.00 (per metric ton)
P/S O/S Steel:$105.00 (per metric ton)
Shreddable Steel:$120.00 (per metric ton)
White Cast Iron:$120.00 (per metric ton)
E-Waste: Ac Adapters:$0.05 (per pound)
E-Waste: Cell Phones:$0.30 (per pound)
E-Waste: Computers:$0.10 (per pound)
E-Waste: Laptops:$0.40 (per pound)
E-Waste: Printers:$0.03 (per pound)
E-Waste: TV - Monitor:$0.03 (per pound)

NOTICE: Prices are subject to change at any time. This website may not have the correct prices, please call to confirm.